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Truckfly - truck drivers app


Designed for professional truck drivers, Truckfly guides you on your route to find any truck stop: parking lots, service stations and roadside diners.Each location is detailed with the number of parking spots available in parking lots, the number of showers, the facilities available on site, wifi connection, ATMs...
This app allows you to plan your route, from tanking up to finding nice rest areas.
Never before has it been so simple to find all these information: where is the closest AS 24 service station? Is there a nice restaurant on my route? Is there some space left in this parking lot?
With Truckfly, all the information is in your pocket, it’s the sat nav imagined by truck drivers for truck drivers.
Each stop is detailed, there are three kinds of stops in the app:
- Parking lots- Service stations- Roadside diners
Truckfly is a participatory platform where everyone can comment on their stops and share information with other truck drivers. Thanks to everyon’s participation, the information is up to date, of good quality and reliable.
Gain time and comfort on your route! Stay up to date, progress in on its way! It’s free!